Tuesday, September 20, 2016

More 5 Month Photo Fun

As promised, I took some more 5 month pictures on Saturday.  It was a great opportunity to dress Esme up in her "Stay Fancy" outfit!  I only got a couple grins, but they are still adorable!
 I normally try to take pictures without Parker around, but couldn't this time.  He had a fun time sabotaging the pictures.
 Here are a few more from last week.  Parker's fascination with Esme's toys continues with the exersaucer.  He finally decided to climb all the way in!
 Esme is on the move as well!  Who needs to crawl when you can wiggle your way around.  She started on the play mat and was on the hardwood when I came back a few minutes later!  We never really un-baby-proofed, so at least we are ready!

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