Monday, April 4, 2022

Jayden's 18th Birthday

We had plans to see family again Saturday to celebrate our nephew, Jayden's 18th birthday.  The day started with a haircut for Esme.  As much as I like her long hair, it's a pain to brush after baths.  She did so great for her third try.  She got on the chair and listened to all of Corrie's instructions.  It really helps to know the person you are seeing.
After that we made Jayden's fudge brownie birthday cake.
Esme was kind enough to help clean off the whisk.  Grandpa and Grandma Herrmann stopped by for a visit in the afternoon.
We headed out to my brother's house in the evening.  Jimmy finally got a turn to hold the babies.  My mom helped make the meal so Kelsey and Sean didn't have to worry about too much.
Ganache and candles completed the cake.  I also realized I put one too many candles on after they were blown out.  Jayden can be seen starting to count them at the beginning of the video, but I don't know if he finished.  I think he would have made the mistake known if he did.
We had a great time celebrating and snuggling Jaxxon and Jameson.
Grandpa finally got his picture with all 5 grandkids as well.
Happy Birthday Jayden.  I can't believe you're 18 already.

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