Saturday, October 25, 2014

Parker's Halloween Costume

We went a bit obscure this year, but I am loving it!  He will be having a rockstar/drummer birthday party and I have been in the habit of coordinating that and Halloween.  Our whole family loves Owl City and Adam Young, so why not dress Parker up like him!  One of his iconic looks is the one below.
 He also has a pair of signature shoes, Onitsuka Tigers.
 So, I set out to recreate this look.  I took a pair of his darker wash jeans and temporarily took them in to create a pair of skinny jeans.  I never thought I would put him in skinny jeans, but they are pretty darn adorable!  To recreate the shoes I picked up some plain black canvas shoes at Walmart and created the design with fabric paint and added some laces.  Lastly, I bought some remnant black fabric and made a cute little vest and tie to complete the look.
 We went to a local harvest party this morning to test it our before Halloween.
 Parker loved the bounce house, as usual, and was mad when it was time to go.
 We trick-or-treated at some local businesses as well.
I did also have some drum sticks for him to wear to make it a little clearer he was a musician, but he wasn't a fan of them.  I might make a "We love Adam Young" sign for myself to carry on Halloween, or just let him be a cute this hipster guy!

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