Friday, September 8, 2023

First Day of School 2023

Summer is officially over and school is back in session.  Esme started 2nd grade and Parker started middle school, 6th grade!
They get picked up at the same time again, but our bus stop is on the other end of our block.  This is closer to easier to see from home which is nice.
Off to his first day of middle school!
This year is the first that Esme will ride the bus to and from school.  She has a longer ride home, so we've got books and activities planned for her ride.
Esme said the first day was just so-so.  We missed open house so she didn't know where her classroom was which caused some distress.  Parker gave his first day a big thumbs up!
I can tell the new building and new schedule is wearing him out a bit.  He just sat out front for a while on Tuesday evening.  Just looking around and observing.  This is very unlike him.  I am sure he will get in a new groove soon.

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