Monday, September 4, 2023

Beyond 100 Parks #111 - Knollway Park - Minnetonka, MN

Our Panera Labor Day tradition continued, but it's become just a little snack stop since the kids are picky.  I got my bearclaw and the kids got cookies before heading to the park.
The bees are officially out in full force and Parker really doesn't like that.  There are usually flowers around the park signs, so he is keeping his distance.
Key Features
An old school glider is always a fun feature.  Esme really likes them, but she usually isn't tall enough to do it herself so we have to lift her up.  This one extra tricky since it was curved, so both Jimmy and I had to assist.
It's rare to see something new after so many parks.  This weird cycling thing that Jimmy is on was a first though.
This one gets a 7 mainly for size.  It was pretty big, but definitely dated.

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