Thursday, December 8, 2022

Trek for a Tree (Failure) and Church Christmas Party

We open our second week of stocking gifts on Sunday.
Parker got a football and Esme got a giant coloring sheet that we hung on the wall in the laundry room.  I am guessing it will take a few months to finish.
Jimmy got a hot sauce sampler pack and I got some candy and a mini Vikings calendar.
I decided to do our annual trek for a tree before church since Parker has been asking about the Christmas tree so much.  As he was pulling Esme on the cart, she said "Parker, you can go faster, You're 11 now!"
As we were approaching, I wasn't seeing an trees, only wreaths.  I walked inside to ask and they gave some "supply chain" line, which probably means someone didn't do their job by ordering them in time.  Ownership changed this last year so that's my best guess.  Parker was pretty bummed.
I found another tree lot on the way to church, so we drove to St., Louis Park after church to get one.  We've usually bought a balsam fir, but I saw this canaan and it called my name.
Parker helped prep the stand for me while i carried it in.
Our chruch's annual meeting and Christmas party was Sunday night.  I made gingerdoodles with a festive decoration for the cookie contest.
These fancy iced gingerbread cookies were the winners!
All the festive sweaters came up front and winners were chosen by applause.  Carol and Clark (right side) were the winners.
I had the living room switched from birthday decor pretty quickly.  Lights and star on the tree by that evening.
Esme helped me decorate the tree Monday night.
We had one casualty this year.  Parker's 2019 ornament from Grandpa and Nana Buxton took a tumble and it was not savable.  I will take it considering Esme's bright idea for seeing which ornaments were breakable was to drop them on the ground.  Luckily, I was able to stop her before any went flying.
I am feeling a little lazy, so I might not get the houses out this year.

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