Monday, December 5, 2022

Rolling in to 11 - Parker's Birthday Party

Saturday was Parker's 11th birthday party.  The tire theme was fun to go with, trying to think of food and dessert ideas.  I got a tire pool float for free from a Facebook group and borrowed some funnels to make some hanging decorations.  The biggest get was a giant tire we borrowed from church. The kids loved having it for a week and were so bummed to see it go.
We had a full train track set up in the basement.  Jameson and Jaxxon loved checking it out.
I went with tire shaped foods.  Our entree was pizza and taco crescent rings.
I got off easy for "cake" this year by doing donuts.  They just made sense!  I picked up french crullers, double chocolate, glazed chocolate, and chocolate donut holes from Dunkin.  I dunked the crullers in melted chocolate to keep the color the same.
Parker opened presents after blowing out his candles.
The microwave was the big party winner.  He saw one at Macy's a while back and was so sad to leave it behind.  This one has an active turntable, lights, and sounds.  He was so excited!
It was so nice to have family together again to celebrate Parker.
Happiest of birthdays Parker, we love you so much.

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