Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Journey to 100 Parks #22 - Liberty Park - New Hope, MN

We had a few errands to run this morning, so I chose a park near them.  We needed to get some new non-oxy gas for our snow blower with the storm coming and this park is just down the street from the station we use.  This was kind of like a two for one deal.  There were two areas separated by a small area of grass. I was a little bummed to see sand again, but it was dry this time, which helped.
Key Features
Esme immediately headed to the larger play structure which had a series of three different bridges.
Parker has been making a habit of finding the thing that spins, then spends most of his time there.  This solo spinner was a big hit.
We found a wheel on the toddler structure and Parker also enjoyed the spring rider on that side.
We've seen these talking tubes at several parks.  They seemed to actually work when I was a kid.  Not sure if it was my imagination, or maybe the pipes underground have corroded and they no longer work.
A chilly park visit, but fun none the less.  Snow is expected to come in mid-day tomorrow, but it should be mild in the morning.  If the rain holds off we hope to get in one more visit.
With its size and variety, this park might get 8 swings, but it gets knocked down to 7 because of the sand.  Both kids were dumping out their shoes when we were done.

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