Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Journey to 100 Parks #23 - Triangle Park - Robbinsdale, MN

One final park visit of 2020.  The snow and cold came in quickly today and it's hardly to fully explore a snow covered park.  It was a mild 42 this morning and we got nearly an hour of play in before it started misting.  The park is just over the tracks from downtown Robbinsdale.
Key Features
The one was chock-full of spinning things for Parker!
One of it's most unique features was a sort of fitness challenge course.  It took us a bit, but we figured out you have to rock back and forth on the black board to start the timer.  There looked to be 4 different games, but I didn't spend enough time figuring them out.
There were some really great photo ops with the water tower in the background.
This was the most unique "wheel" I have seen.  Parker hopped between all the spinning things for most of our visit.
A four way water lily spring rider
It only seemed right to make a quick stop at Woullet Bakery for a donut before heading home.
The abundance of spinning features launches this park in to 8 swing territory.  I would love to come back here in the summer!

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