Sunday, December 13, 2020

Journey to 100 Parks #19 - Corner Park - New Hope, MN

I chose this one because it was a chillier day and it offered some shelter from the wind.  This is our first official park visit with snow.  I don't anticipate many of these because mobility can be really limited for Esme with all of her snow gear on.

The first thing I noticed was sand. And wet sand at that, yuck!  Esme was also in a crabby mood when we first arrived.  She had fallen asleep while we ran a couple errands and was out cold.  She really did not want to wake up.

Parker explored a little, but was more interested in the air conditioner at a nearby house.  He eventually could no long resist (or listen to us) and ran up to it.  We have a zero tolerance rule for that, so we left.  That made this one of our shorter visits at only about 25 minutes.
Esme did wake up a bit and enjoyed a few things.

This slide was really fast with the snow and that scared her a bit.  She gave herself a little pep talk before going down the first time, it was hilarious.

Our worst rated park yet.  What normally would have been a 5 swing park lost one with the sand.  I am not a big fan of sand at parks and it's even worse when it's wet.

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