Saturday, December 12, 2020

Journey to 100 Parks #18 - Gearty Park - Golden Valley, MN

This was one fo the busiest parks we have visited, especially with the cooler weather.  There was just one family when we arrived, but several more joined us before leaving.
Key Features
Esme had a great time exploring all of the features of this park.  She was moving the whole time.
After discovering the wobble sphere, it will pretty much the only place Parker wanted to be.  We made him take a couple breaks to give other kids a chance to play, but he would have slept there if we let him.
Esme loved having some playmates.  They played tag and ran all over.
This would normally be a 6 swing park, but the wobble sphere gives it an extra one. Parker would love to have one of those in our backyard.

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