Sunday, December 6, 2020

Journey to 100 Parks #17 - West Medicine Lake Park - Plymouth, MN

In hindsight, I wish I would have allowed more time to visit this park because it was incredible!  We were there for almost an hour and only left because it was getting too dark.  This was our first Miracle playground and they have some pretty epic structures.  I did a little research when we got home and learned it was just renovated earlier this year.  The one benefit of going later in the day is that we practically had the place to ourselves.  We did start chatting with a dad that was there with his two kids (Hi Ned!).  They recently moved here from Texas and have been exploring the cities.
Key Features
Parker immediately headed to the spin zone. The cyclo cone climber was one of the best spinning fixtures we've seen.  It spun so much faster than most of the newer options.
Esme pretty quickly made her own routine crossing the step and ring bridges to get to the XGEN hive skyway and slide.  She probably did this 8-10 times.
It took a while to find the steering wheels because there was so many options!
The huge climbing structure was obviously a big highlight.  I could see this place being crazy packed on a nice summer day.  The lake in the background is a picture perfect setting.
Esme's face says it all, WOW!  We will 100% be coming back to this park.  We can go swimming and play at the playground all at once.  Hopefully COVID calms down by next summer and we can go wild.
Drum roll please... rat-a-tat-tat, rat-a-tat-tat... We've got our first perfect score, 10 swings!  This one has just about everything a kid (especially ours) could want.  It's got options for kids big and small, sensory and adaptive choices, and proximity and access to a lake that could make for a legendary day out.  Spread the word about this one!

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