Thursday, December 24, 2020

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Just a week ago, it looked like we were going to have a brown Christmas.  What was expected to be a light snow intensified over the weekend and we got (quite literally) a blizzard.  We planned to get take-out for dinner last night, but moved it to lunch with the projected storm.
We discussed getting Pizza Hut, but opted for Wahlburgers since it was closer and the rain was already starting to fall.  We got some coupons a few weeks back and took advantage of the BOGO deal.  Jimmy got the O.F.D. with fries and I got the Super Melt with onion strings.  Mine was huge and ended up being my dinner as well.
A cold front was moving in after the snow, so we got out to play in case we weren't able to later in the week.  Visibility was close to zero at this point and the roads were terrible.  I was very glad we didn't have anywhere to go.  Parker was asking for his snow pants even before it started snowing and was so excited to get outside.
I continued our tree sign tradition with a new one for Christmas and the New Year.  I will probably just keep these around and put them up every year.  It's been a fun think to do.  I will probably need to get some more hardboard so I don't have to paint over them.  This one was painted over Esme's birthday sign, which won't be needed again.
Playing outside has been a great activity to keep Esme busy.  All the toys in the world don't keep her as entertained as the snow.
We continued the seasonal activities by making gingerbread cookies.  Esme brought home a holiday cookie recipe book from school, so we are going to try to make all the recipes in there.  She has become quite the little kitchen helper and loves to grab her step stool to assist.
Esme didn't end up liking the taste, but we had fun decorating.
My blizzard covered Minnesotas were my favorite.  I just picked up this cookie cutter last week and was excited to use it.
It was such a fun-filled day that Esme fell asleep on the floor.  I moved her to her bed later and she did the cutest little gestures of approval in her sleep.
Reports say we got about 8-9" of snow, but it's tough to tell when it's blowing all over.  Regardless, it was enough to cover everything in a clean white blanket.

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