Saturday, December 12, 2020

Glow Holiday Festival @ The Great Minnesota Get-Together

I was so excited when a holiday lights event was announced by the Minnesota State Fair.  We bought tickets back in October and originally planned to have my parents tag along, but COVID had other ideas.  I packed up some snacks and we headed out.  They had everyone line up in their specified time group.  We had to wait about 20 minutes to be let in, so we stated on the snacks.
I let the kids unbuckle since we wouldn't be driving very fast.  This way, they would be able to look out the windows and see everything.  I sat in the back with them while Jimmy drove.
There was something new around every turn and all of us really enjoyed it.
I love the wonder in Parker's eyes in this picture.  Many of the displays were accompanied by music so we were having little dance parties.
Babe and the reindeer was one of my favorite parts.
There was a brief stop for a projector show against the 4-H building.
I think Esme's favorite was the North Woods.  She loved seeing and naming all the animals.
It was a little bittersweet to see some of our fair favorites, like Little Farm Hands, when we didn't get to do the fair this year
KTIS, our local Christian radio station, was the non-profit of the evening.  They had a small group of folks singing carols.
Virtual fireworks ended the 30 minute tour.

There were drive thru concessions at the end, which I thought went really smoothly.  We got a couple of slices for the kids and Jimmy and I split a pronto pup and cheese curds.
It was such a fun way to get out of the house.

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