Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Diet Un-Cola Taste Test

Jimmy and I did a mini blind taste test reminiscent of our hard cider one in September.  I noticed one day that we had both Sierra Mist and 7-Up in our fridge.  This is pretty rare, so I decided to grab some Sprite so we could have a definitive taste test to determine which is the best.
We took turns tasting blindfolded and you can see our guesses in the video.
Jimmy nailed them all!  In further discussion, he said the Sprite was obvious to him.  Even in the diet variety, it took him back to childhood.  The 7-Up was the most bubbly with the least flavor and the Sierra Mist was the sweetest.  We've got some Diet Coke and Pepsi on hand currently, so I may try to find another cola to two to try as well.

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