Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Fourth Week of Advent and Winter Break Kick-Off

We opened our stocking presents after Jimmy's parents left on Sunday.  The kids got some hot cocoa and s'mores gold fish.  Jimmy got some M & M's candy bars and an Apple gift card, and I got some snickerdoodle truffles (which are now the greatest flavor!) and a Raising Canes gift card.
Our final church craft was for the Hope of Jesus.  We made manger ornaments.
Yesterday was the official kick off of winter break.  The kids would typically have school programming available for part of break, but don't this year.  Jimmy is off most of the next two weeks and I am off this week.  I am hoping to maintain a bit more of a schedule to keep Esme on track and to keep us all sane!  I've been doing some major storage overhauling, which opened up our utility room.  This is the perfect craft area where we don't have to worry about spilling or staining carpet, or leaving a mess in the kitchen.  Esme keeps asking to paint, so this has been a huge success.  I will be back working next week, so this will give Jimmy a couple more options to keep the kids occupied.

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