Friday, July 30, 2021

Journey to 100 Parks #94 - Corcoran City Park - Corcoran, MN

Our next stop is my childhood park.  We've brought the kids here many times.  It's changed since I was a kid and is really showing its age, but still has a lot of fun left.
Key Features
The old concrete walkway is still one of my favorite features.  This was the only way over the creek when I was a kids, but there is a full size road now.
Another favorite is the old school merry go round.  Parker loves this thing, but I am a little worried he's going to smack his face on it.
Parker's other favorite is the tire swing and this park boasts two of them!
One more stop to throw things in the creek before leaving.
Here is a neat comparison of the primary structures at this park and Broadway Park in Crystal.  They are nearly identical to one another, but the Corcoran one appears to be older.
This one has all of the makings for a 10 swings park, but it's age drops it down a bit.  The nostalgia still keeps it high in the rankings, 9 swings.

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