Thursday, July 29, 2021

Journey to 100 Parks #93 - Wildwood Park - Golden Valley, MN

Smoke from the Canadian wildfires has arrived in Minnesota giving all of my pictures a bit of a sepia toned look.  I chatted with another parents about our journey to 100 parks, so if you found my blog, "Hello and welcome!"
Key Features
We've seen quite a few of these rock walls, but this was a series of three attached to each other which adds a unique challenge.
The highlight for both kids was the zip line.  This is a cable style one we've only seen one other time at Bassett Creek Park.  I didn't get many pictures, but took several videos you can watch at the bottom.
There was a strong wildlife theme throughout and it included an interactive sound board with animals from the American northwest.
This is another great space to play.  While the zip line was a hit, there weren't any spinning features for Parker.  Still a solid 8 swings.

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