Saturday, July 3, 2021

Journey to 100 Parks #82 - Lions Park - Golden Valley, MN

This park is close to some baseball fields, so it is often busy.  I picked a holiday weekend hoping it would be quieter and it was.  We've played here when watching cousin Emma play softball.
Key Features
I love the steep speed slide they have.
Esme loved all the crazy climbing obstacles.
Dual steering wheels and the wobble sphere held Parker's attention as well.  This was the first park we've been to with the drinking fountains turned out.  They were turned off all last year and are every winter anyway.  Parker loves messing with those!
This was a good park with lots to entertain, 8 swings it is.
We took a drive to uptown after playing for a cool treat.  One of Jimmy's co-workers recommended Milkjam Creamery and it did not disappoint.  We got a flight of 4 to share, roasted vanilla bean (for Esme), Cereal Killers, Milkjam, Hard Knock Life 2.0.  It was so good!  Not an ever day stop, but we will come back.


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