Friday, July 23, 2021

Journey to 100 Parks #91 - Bass Lake Park - Crystal, MN

This is my favorite "throw back" yet.  This was our home park at our old house.  We visited this one more than any other and have a lot of sweet memories here.  While the playground is staying the same for now, there are doing some other construction on the grounds, so there wasn't a sign, so this is the second one I needed to photoshop.
Key Features
Here a few comparison pictures of Parker.  The first is from July 2012 and is one of my all times favorites!  The second is from May 2014.
This one is packed with climbing and spinning activities which kept both kids pretty well occupied.  Parker was a bit distracted by the pool party going on at the house next to the park,
When not checking out the pool, Parker was at the tire swing and on the standing spinner.
A solid contender in the park game, so this one get 8 swings

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