Saturday, December 31, 2016

Christmas 2016

Christmas was relatively tame for us this year.  We normally have 5 gatherings, but missed two with our trip to New York and won't be getting together in Nebraska this year.  As usual, we inviting my Grandma Bette and her boyfriend Larry over for breakfast on Christmas Eve.  We had cinnamon rolls, eggs and bacon on the menu.  When I put the rolls on the table Parker pushed his plate aside and pulled the whole pan to his spot.
Larry was hanging out with Esme the whole weekend.  We had stopped by my parents the night before and he loved holding her.
After they left we headed over to Jimmy's parent's house to celebrate with his family.  His middle sister's family had been in town the weekend before so we missed their visit.  Emma and Esme looked so great in their red outfits.
Jimmy's dad had been a bit under the weather so he was resting for part of the meal.  We had delicious prime rib, baked potatoes, green beans, and salad.  There was also lots of cookies and pie.
We opened presents next and both the kids got some great stuff.
The best gift Esme got (in my opinion) is her first Cabbage Patch Doll.  This is Clara Cow!  I love cows and I love that her name is Clara since it was my grandma's name.  I hope her and Esme become great friends.
We went to church in the afternoon, then back to my parent's place for dinner.  We also took a bunch of family pictures.
4 Generations
We played a fun dice game for gift cards.  Everyone got something fun.
We woke up Christmas morning and unwrapped gifts before heading back to my parents for the day.  Esme is a big fan of eating wrapping paper!
I was really proud of Parker too.  He actually helped to unwrap most of his presents, which is a bit accomplishment.
We ate breakfast and then opened gifts with my family.
We just hung out there the rest of the day.  Esme took a sweet nap with great-grandma.
I didn't get too many other pictures.  I wanted to get one of lunch, but Esme threw up, so I had to take her upstairs to clean up.  She wasn't sick, I think it was just something she wasn't used to eating.  It was a great Christmas despite that little hiccup.  I am bummed I won't get to see my grandma in January, but hopefully we will get together next summer.  I hope your Christmas was just as merry!

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