Friday, January 6, 2017

End of Year Wrap-Up

I got a little behind on posts over the holidays, but I will catch up.  Here are Esme's pictures from a couple weeks ago on Christmas weekend.
 She also finally popped the other two teeth on top.  I kept singing "all I want for Christmas is my other front tooth."  She got one on Christmas Eve and one on Christmas Day for a total of 6.
 We had a tame week between, but Esme was (and still is) recovering from a cold.  Her sleep was really messed up from the cold and the holidays.  I noticed she was jumping a lot in her exersaucer so I pulled out the jumper and she has had a lot of fun in it, even falling asleep a couple times.  She hasn't been going to sleep until closer to 10, but we are trying to get her back to 8.
 We officially moved Esme in to 12 month clothes and I pulled out this adorable outfit from Parker.  It was one of our faves with him and she looks adorable in it too!  Parker was almost 14 months in the picture below and Esme is only 8.5.
We celebrated New Year's Eve at home.  I made Hawaiian ham and swiss sliders and we toasted with peachy mimosas.
Esme partied early in her fancy gold outfit!
So long 2016, Happy New Year!


  1. Ha! How ironic we went to a friends for New Years and she made those exact Ham sliders. She called them "my infamous Ham Buns" :-)