Thursday, January 26, 2017

Catching Up Again...

Esme has been fighting a nasty cold this week and is crying it out a bit right now as I type.  I will probably have to take a break and tend to her.  She was up from 2:30-4:00am Tuesday and it took 2 hours to calm her and get her down Tuesday night.  She went to bed better last night and I think she has turned the corner towards getting better.  She still has a cough and wheezy breathing, but hasn't had a fever and is in much better spirits.  It has been a neglectful few weeks for me on the blog, but I am trying.  I realized I was so caught up in her 9 month post that I post her 39 week pictures, so here are the last two week's worth.
 On Friday we watched Trump's inaugural address and some of the other festivities.  It's been an interesting first week of his presidency, but we are staying optimistic that good things will come from him being in office.  If you just want to forget about the last week here is a baby in sunglasses, who can resist that?!?!?
It's been a rough week here so I am happy that Friday is almost here! What are your weekend plans?

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