Sunday, January 29, 2017

Snow Carving at the St. Paul Winter Carnival

We headed out to the state fair grounds to see the winter carnival snow sculptures yesterday. My friend, Shannon, has done it in the past and entered the new amateur category this year. She has 3 kids and 8 hours is much more manageable than 60.  This was the carving the entrance that was in progress.
They have a snow maze, snow pile and snow slide for kids (and adults) to enjoy.
I wasn't sure how Parker would do on the slide. He was a little scared of the scaffold stairs, but was excited once we got to the top. We ended up only needing 1 ticket per sled so Jimmy got to go down with him as well.

Teams still had about 10 hours remaining to finish, but they were looking pretty good. 
The baby was a little creepy, but impressive none the less.
Shannon's team made a Lego gnome! 

The c-shapes hands were spot on! Hopefully we will get to see pictures of the rest of the finished sculptures. 
Here are Esme's weekly pictures from yesterday as well. She is definitely on the mend, but is still being a finicky eater. Sleep has been much better the last few nights, which helps the whole family!
Hope you have a great week!

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