Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Frozen Birthday Bash

We celebrated Parker's 5th birthday with a Frozen/Olaf party!
Life is a lot busier these days, so I didn't go as crazy with decorations this year.  I hung some glittery snowflakes (much to Jimmy's dismay) and strung some streamers.
We brought out all the Olafs (we may have too many!)  The favors were Olaf cups with stickers, candy canes and Hostess snowballs.
The cake is always my favorite part.  I used 9" round cakes and carved them with a template I traced.  His nose was made like cake pops, with frosting and cake mixed and formed in to the carrot shape.  I froze it solid then covered it with orange candy melts.  His arms and hair are made from chocolate covered pretzels and his feet are cupcakes.
To stay on theme we had chocolate fondue and sandwiches!  If you don't get those references then you can watch this video (:49 and 1:28)
Parker's pals had a great time jumping on the trampoline and playing with his toys.  I had thoughts of organized activities, but those got scratched too.
Everyone was loving the Olafs!
We opened presents first, then had cake and ice cream. 
It was such a fun day with friends and family.  I love the friendships Parker has had since he was a baby.  He has known these pals since he was 7 weeks old.
Happy Birthday Parker, it was another great one!

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