Monday, December 12, 2016

Cookie Extravaganza 2016 and Ugly Sweaters

Before I forget, here are Esme's weekly pictures from last week and a comparison with 14 weeks.

Saturday was the 3rd annual Cookie Extravaganza with my mom.  I decided to sleep over Friday night to make it easier to start baking in the morning.  We've stayed over a couple other times with Esme, but she was having a very hard time going to sleep.  She was still side awake at 11, so I gave her another bottle.  She fell asleep in my arms only to wake up again when I put her in the pack n' play.  I finally got her down at 12:30, but she woke up a couple other times.  It was a rough night...
 Parker was very well rested and got to go in the hot tub to start the day.
 We probably had more stuff than we needed, but you don't want to run out (which we did anyway and made my dad run out for more stuff!)
 I neglected to get pictures of each recipe this year, but we stuck to mostly the same ones.
Laurie's Sugar Cookies

I took this giant tray to work today and it was gone by lunch.
 Esme wasn't able to help out this year, but she looked adorable watching.
 After a day of baking I went to a friend's ugly sweater and white elephant party.  It has been a few years since we went and I was solo this time.  I didn't get a good picture of my sweater, but I won!  I promise to get a picture when I wear it for work.
Love this group!  Can't wait for more holiday shenanigans!

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