Friday, December 30, 2016

New York City: Day 3

Our last day in New York was the warmest.  We woke up to 54 degrees and it was -17 at home!  
We grabbed doughnuts and a hot chocolate at Doughnut Plant.  I am not sure how we came across this place during out last visit, but I had to go back.
We took our goods back on the subway to get to the Staten Island Ferry.
It takes about an hour to take a round trip Manhattan and back.  You get a great view of the Statue of Liberty...
...and lower Manhattan for free.
We checked out of the hotel, then made our way to the Bronx for our Yankee Stadium tour.  Our room was "cozy" but had a nice bathroom.
We made a quick stop at the Brooklyn Bridge before getting on the train.
We grabbed a quick lunch at a deli just down the street from the stadium.
We were both glad to get another dose of pastrami.  
This tour was not nearly as inclusive as previous ones we have been on, but we were excited to get inside.  We'd like to go to a game there some day, but this will have to do.
We walked through their museum and learned about the 5 great teams.
We got several views of field.  It was being set up for the Pinstripe Bowl which was played on the 28th.  This was as far as we got.  No locker room, no dugout, no bullpen.  Kind of a bummer, but fun none the less.
By this point we were exhausted, but I dragged Jimmy to the last Apple Store.  We'd been to this one in 2010, but I wanted to hit them all in one trip.  Jimmy even gave me a nice smile despite our backs and feet aching.
It was such a fun trip, we can't wait to be back again!

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