Monday, December 26, 2016

December 2016 Hodgepodge

With our trip to New York (you'll see posts on that soon) and Christmas the rest of December got away from me.  Here is a little catch-up.  Parker and Esme both really like our tree. Parker prefers to take ornaments off and swing them around and Esme just likes to grab the needles and try to eat them when she can get close enough.
 We finally transitioned Parker out of the high chair this month.  It has always been helpful to have him contained for meals or he won't stay seated, but now it is Esme's turn to have the high chair.  We got another strap for a folding chair at the table and the transition has been seamless.  Now he won't even sit in the high chair.
 We were given free tickets to the Minnesota Wild game last Tuesday.  We invited our friends Eric and Aubrey and had a great night out.  Jimmy and I wen to our first game together on the same day 9 years ago.  The Wild won that game 6-3 with Marion Gaborik scoring 5 goals (and getting very close to a 6th.)  It wasn't quite as exciting, but they still won 2-0.
 Thursday was my work's potluck and ugly sweater contest.  This is the same sweater I wore to the party a couple weeks ago.
I got a great gift from my Secret Santa and won the ugly sweater contest!  So happy to have the Barbie trophy back.
 Lastly, here is the last two weekly photos of Esme.
There is lot more to share in the next fews days, so get ready for blog spam!

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