Saturday, May 1, 2021

Return to Target Field

It's been 586 days since we attended our last game at Target Field.  It was the final regular season game that year and we had no idea what was coming.  We caught the series opener against the Royals on Friday.
Food set-up is quite a bit different this year and the quality is noticeable.  Food is not made as often, so it tasted a bit stale and I think my chicken was overcooked from the warmer a bit.  They are also only serving packaged beverages, so we had to make that little bottled pop last.  It was pretty easy since it wasn't hot.
Alex Kiriloff had a breakout game by hitting his first and second major league home runs (he added another today.). It was a 9-1 rout.
We took a walk around the park and even made it on the jumbotron in the middle of taking these pictures.
They had a great start, but are skidding a bit.  I am hopeful they can get back on track soon.

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