Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Journey to 100 Parks #58 - Medley Hills Park - Golden Valley, MN

We chose this one as a park meet-up with friends.  We've been here a few times in the past.
Key Features
Esme fell at school earlier and wanted to wear a glove to protect her owie.  She's so silly!
Finn and his parents are friends from church.  He and Esme were dedicated on the same day.  They haven't seen each other in over a year with covid, but she never has a problem making friends.
Parker stole Jimmy's phone and took a picture of Finn's mom.
Esme talked about Finn the whole night, so we are looking forward to meeting up with them again soon.

This would normally be a 7, but get an extra swing for being so close and for the excellent company we had.

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