Sunday, May 9, 2021

Journey to 100 Parks #57 - North Mississippi Regional Park - Minneapolis, MN

We picked this one as a meet up spot with Jimmy's parents for Mother's Day.  It is also out first park in Minneapolis.
Key Features
Jimmy picked up a 6-pack of Nadia Cakes to share with them.  
This is a massive playground that was probably a marvel when it was first installed.  I was expecting it to be packed with kids on such a nice day, but there wasn't anyone else when we arrived.  That changed by the time we were leaving, but it was nice to have it ourselves for a bit.
I am not usually a big fan of sand, but they had some fun toys to play with which made it better
There were a few confusing things like the climber on the left.  There were also several panels with holes to crawl through to access different features.
Parker lucked out with a second trie swing in a row! 
The overhead glider was lower to ground, so he was able to do it on his own.  Esme also tried it out and we didn't have to worry about her falling from it.
Esme made quick friends with the first kid to join us.  She played nicely for a while, then told her she wanted to play alone, haha!
They did end up building some sand castles together until it was time to go.
Back in its hay day, this would have probably received a perfect 10, but still gets 8 swings.

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