Saturday, May 8, 2021

Journey to 100 Parks #56 - Lauderdale Community Park - Lauderdale, MN

I had an errand to run near Rosedale Center and chose to visit this park afterward.  Lauderdale is one of the smallest cities inside the metro loop, just .42 square miles.  This is the only park within the city.  It was our second visit east of the Mississippi.
Key Features
This one was pretty when we first drove past, but cleared out by the time we parked and walked over.
Parker especially loved the tire swing (in the video) and sky wheel.  
The best part of going to the east side is the tunnels on 94.  This was a favorite part of field trips to the cities as a kid and I love to see the wonder and amusement carry to the next generation.
Another solid 7 swings for this one.  May have deserved 8, but it's showing its age on some of the the equipment.

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