Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Beyond 100 Parks Redux #2 - Corner Park - New Hope, MN

Our first visit here was our only one with snow.  It was just a dusting, but we were fully bundled.  It also had sand instead of mulch, which made things even messier.  They installed a new structure last year and I was excited to go back and check it out.
Key Features
The main structure was pretty unique.  All routes to the top required some climbing, so it's not for the little ones.
There were two spinning features which Parker loved!
Esme really liked the tangle climber and has been trying to climb to the highest point of any park we go to.  I love all the confidence she's gained.
My favorite feature was the mega wide slide.  It was wide enough that both Esme and I could go down at the same time.  I appreciated it, especially after the Ford Park incident.
This was a significant upgrade from the previous structure, so it's getting 9 swings!

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