Sunday, September 18, 2022

Beyond 100 Parks #105 - Ford Park - Minnetonka, MN

We made a trip to Menards this afternoon after Jaxxon and Jameson were picked up from their sleepover (post coming soon.). I decided to make another park stop before heading back home.  
Key Features
This park was obviously top of the line when it was first installed, but you could see the wear and tear on it.
The lower spinner had a broken knob, so it was no longer functional, but Parker found another on the upper platform.
Esme showed off her skills on the rings and by hanging upside down.
Parker always loves a slide.  If you look closely at the one on the right, you'll notice it gets narrower in the middle.  I didn't realize this until I was on it. I got a little stuck, but it gave me a good laugh.
Esme found a quick friend in Gwen.
She joined us as we played "Boat Captain."  Esme was the captain and we all had to make up new names to go for a ride.
It's got good bones, but the condition drops this one dow to 7 swings.

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