Sunday, September 25, 2022

Beyond 100 Parks #106 - Gleanloch Park - Plymouth, MN

Key Features
Before the park, we walked around Ridgedale to see what's new there.  T-Rex Cookies was new since we were last there.  We got a birthday cake cookie and all of us enjoyed it!
There was a whole swarm of bumble bees on the flowers by the sign.  Parker has been hyper aware and anxious around flying bugs this year, so he was not having it!  This was a really cool park!  It had a really large and unique main structure.  You could walk around in a circle on the higher platform, which I always like.
I think this is the first time I had seen a rope walk feature.  Esme's arms weren't quite long enough to reach both sides at the start, but she made it work.
This unique park gets 9 swings.  Esme loved it and was not ready to go home when it was time.

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