Friday, December 3, 2021

November 2021 Hodgepodge

Our latest restaurant copycat date night was Roly Poly.  This was one of our favorite spots to patron when we were dating, but they closed the last metro location not long after Parker was born.  We made the Turkey Applejack with turkey breast, jack cheese, apple butter, bacon, mushrooms, onions, basil mayo and spicy honey mustard.  I also made a charcuterie board to accompany.
I made my dad a german chocolate cake for his birthday.  We were supposed to go over to celebrate, but my nephew got Covid, so they were in quarantine and I just dropped it off.
One of the final wood projects to come out of my dad's shop this year was a ziploc bag organizer.  I drafted up these sketches for my dad and he delivered!
This before picture doesn't really show the mess of this cabinet.  The center divider was not there before and the different ziploc boxes were always falling out.  I really love this corner cabinet, but it can be tricky to organize.
It was a perfect fit and I am going to make a spot for reusable shopping bags in the other side.  Those were also always falling out.
I added some vinyl labels to the front and it was ready to go.  It has a removable back panel for refilling or cleaning as needed.
The area behind it will store additional bags and back up foil, cling wrap, etc.  I am so excited to make this space more efficient.
I made some shirts for a friend and her daughter with glitter vinyl.
Vaccines for younger kids are here!  I have been eagerly awaiting these days.  Esme got her's first.  She was pretty scared, but handled that and her flu shot well.
Cookie treats!  Parker got his first one a couple weeks later.  He is so strong that we needed two extra nurses to help hold him.  I am so proud of them both and looking forward to safer Christmas gatherings.
My dad and I renewed our Fleet Farm Black Friday tradition and got the rhino stuffies (as mentioned in the Christmas kick-off post.). Esme's is names Perry and grandpa's is named Java.

A quick picture shared from school of Parker during gym class.
His birthday was officially on Tuesday and here is my requisite 12:10am, time of birth photo.  He woke up a bit and was not a fan of the dim light.
They celebrated him at school with cupcakes, chocolate is his favorite!

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