Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Christmas Kick-Off and Trek for a Tree 2021

It's Christmas time!  Jimmy expressed this year that he wants to get at least one new Christmas decoration every year.  He used that request as an excuse to finally get the Phillips Hue light strip.  We installed it on the shelf behind our couch in the living room and can change it to a billion different colors.  
The stockings were one of the first things up since the day after Parker's party was the first day of Advent gifts.
Both kids got some Hershey kisses. Parker got a new pop-it fidget spinner and Esme got some glitter crayons and a small sticker book.
That afternoon we do our annual Trek for a Tree to the local hardware store.
Esme and Perry (rhino) helped me pick out the perfect one.
Everyone helped haul it home.
Over the next two nights we got the lights and ornaments hung.  Esme was an eager and willing helper!  I am so excited for the Christmas season.

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