Monday, December 20, 2021

Herrmann Christmas 2021

We hosted Jimmy's family Christmas on Saturday.  Everyone was able to attend except Jimmy's oldest sister who wasn't feeling well.  Jimmy was working and didn't get home until 2:00.  We hung out for a while before opening presents.  The kids were spoiled as usual.
Parker got a new Chewbacca stuffy that is already a family favorite.
Esme added to her herd of Cabbage Patch Cuties with Sammy Sloth.
Jimmy's mom brough a brisket and we completed the meal with baked beans, roasted carrots, mac and cheese, and rolls.  Jimmy's oldest sister sent a salad and his middle sister brought chocolate pie and cheesecake.  Esme remembered the pie from Thanksgiving and was more than happy to help eat it.
We were so excited to be able to gather again to celebrate the holidays.
Merry Christmas Herrmanns, Chavezes and Schotenbauers!

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