Saturday, December 18, 2021

More December

There is a lot of randomness this month, so here's some more!  Esme and I made some snickerdoodles.  She was great at rolling in the cinnamon sugar.
I caught this adorable stint on camera this week.  I think she's probably reciting a number blocks video from YouTube, but can't say for sure.  I loved how theatrical it was.
We got some more snow, so we were out playing.  We brought home this wild sled from Jimmy's sister's house after Thanksgiving.  It was his in the 80's.  Esme thinks it's pretty cool.
I also started work on the new and improved Herrmann Sliding Center, but it hit almost 60 this week, so it's pretty much all gone.
Week 3 of stocking gifts brought a Bluey stuffie for Esme and a pop-it fidget spinner watch (try saying that 5 times fast) for Parker.
The real surprise was Jimmy's new scooter!  I didn't plan of it being a stocking gift, but the box was way bigger than I expected and I was worried about hiding it.  Esme almost spoiled it when she walked in and said " whoa, that's a big scooter!"  He took it out on the street a couple times and tried it in the basement.  he can't wait for spring.
Yesterday morning gave us a little surprise when Parker got sick at Adventure Club before school.  He was acting a little of before school, but didn't have any symptoms other than lack of appetite.  He got to hang out with me, get lots of rest and iPad time.  Looking like a little tummy bug.  He hasn't eaten much in the last two days, but no more throwing up.
Esme decorated gingerbread houses with her class at school.  She brought home a whole bags of extra decorations, so we may have to do some at home too.
There hasn't been any in person school programs since covid is still a factor, but we did get this adorable video of her class singing.  She is second from the right in the middle row.
Friday nights are matching jammie night and this week we snuggled is the hanging tent together.

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