Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Journey to 100 Parks #4 - Crystal Highlands Park - Crystal, MN

 On the way this time Esme said, "We have to take a picture in front of the sign first."  I love that she seems to be just a fraction as excited about this as I am.  They are also both asking to go to the park every day now.  They didn't really understand why we weren't going yesterday.
Key Features
This playground packed a a big punch in a little package.  It had a lot of unique features.  Esme was trying to work up the courage to go on the floating steps.
There were two different rock walls to climb to the top of tower.  Esme was so proud of doing it on her own.
The slides and swings are always a hit, but the real stunner was all the spinning things.
Parker was in absolute heaven at this park.  There were so many things to spin. Both of them went to the merry-go-round first and spent a good portion of our visit there.  Esme fell off at one point and blamed me.  I gave her a brief lesson on centrifugal force, she was not humored. 
This wheel got a much better review than the last two parks.  This two level spinner thing was the favorite.  he mainly wanted to spin the top wheel really fast, but that was hard to do on his own, so he asked me to help hold him up.  Then he would get this one going and run over to the other wheel and get it going.
This was a great park.  Parker would have given it all the swings possible if he could, but I will give it a 7.  I thought it was going to be a pretty run of the mill spot, but it was full of surprises.  We will definitely have to come back here again.

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