Friday, October 16, 2020

Journey to 100 Parks #6 - St. Croix Park - Golden Valley, MN

We chose this park because it was close to our intended date night takeout spot.  We ended up not being able to get through on the phone to order, so we went elsewhere.  This is a quaint little compact playground near an apartment complex.  This appears to have newer equipment as well with a several unique features.
Key Features
The wheel at this park is called a ThunderRing.  It makes a rain sound as it turns.  The Shadowplay flower spins with a handle near the ground.  If it was earlier in the day, it would have shown colors on the ground through the tinted glass.
In the music pod, Parker enjoyed playing the ganza, a rattle type instrument. There was also an ashiko and djembe, which are types of drums.
Esme and I took turns on the spring rider as well.
This one gets 5 swings, mainly due to its size.  While taking good advantage of the small space, our kids typically like more room to move and it could easily get crowded on a nice day.  We would come back again if were in the area, but wouldn't go out of our way.

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