Monday, October 26, 2020

Candy Land Drive-Thru Halloween

We usually get to go all out for Halloween, but COVID makes it a bit different this year.  To be honest, I didn't want to waste my great idea on this buzzkill of a year, but I didn't want to just ignore it either.  Esme has been really in to Peppa Pig lately, so we are going at the Family Pig.  I am keeping my homemade costume streak alive and in a pretty cheap way.  Solid t-shirts for the tops and pink hats from Dollar Tree.  I ass embellishments with felt I already had on hand and we're ready.
In lieu of our church's traditional trunk or treat event, they hosted a drive thru one on Saturday.  I masked up since I would be on the side where the candy was coming and we had a blast.  
The event was Candy Land themed complete with characters right from the game.  Ms. Mint welcomed us with peppermints.
Queen Kandy and Lord Licorice gave us a bag for our haul.  We proceeded through different stations where they delivered treats through tubes and sometimes just threw it in the car like a parade. Parker and Esme thought it was so funny.  Parker wanted to try every candy that ended up in his lap, but he really only likes suckers, M & M's, and plain chocolate.  It was also nice to see so many friends we haven't seen in a while.  Our church is doing in person service on Sundays, but there is no kids programming and we aren't really ready to be back either.
Esme insisted on carrying the bag in from the car when we got home.
She proceeded to dump it out on the table and said "this is enough candy."  Yes, it is (but not according to grandpa Buxton).  I then proceeded to sort it by variety, which was always my favorite thing to do as a kid.  It would just get thrown right back in the back, but inventory was the second best part of Halloween.
We plan to have a pretty relaxed holiday on Saturday, but will find a way to have more festive fun.  What are you doing this year?

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