Sunday, October 4, 2020

Donut Adventure

We went on a donut adventure early Saturday morning.  Jimmy's co-worker mentioned a place a bit north on I-94 that has huge donuts.  I have driven past Nelson's countless times in the past, but never stopped.  We woke well before sunrise and arrives 45 minutes later.  I wanted to go early for a couple reasons.  I hoped it would be less busy (it was) and we were heading to my parents after to go in the hot tub before breakfast and I didn't want it to be too late.
This is the first time we have taken Esme into a business and just the second time for Parker since COVID began, but they both did pretty well.  Esme immediately saw the giant sprinkled long john and knew that would be her choice. These truly were giant donuts, but not giant prices.  I guess you can do that when you don't have the same overhead as the metro area.
They have way more than just donuts as well.  There were rice cereal treats, coated apples, pies and more.  
We got to my parents just after 7 and hopped in the hot tub.
We shared our pastry score.  The Boston cream was good, but unevenly filled.  When we realized the other side had more custard, it was redeemed.  The blueberry fritter had the perfect combo of crunch outside and soft inside.
The final item we got was a loaf of cinnamon fritter bread.  We gave half to Jimmy's parents and plan to make french toast with the rest at some point.  Jimmy is already planning our next trip.

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