Sunday, December 1, 2019

Thanksgiving 2019

I decided to attempt a Christmas card photo before heading out to our first Thanksgiving. By some crazy Christmas miracle I actually got a good picture using the tripod and self-timer (twice!) 
 We got to Jimmy's parents place just before Noon, ready to eat!  Grandma Cherry had the full spread and we had 5 pies between Grandpa Jim and Aunt Julie.
 Both kids really enjoyed the two chocolate pie options!
 With grandkids getting older, it can be tricky to have all of us together these days, so I made everyone take a picture.  They will thank me for this some day!
 Cousins only!
The we were off to my parents for Thanksgiving #2 and a sleep-over.  Esme was snoozing before we hit the freeway.  She didn't get much of a nap and was a little crabby about it.
Our friends, Cindy and Caleb have joined us with their kiddos the last couple years, but had family visiting them this year.  It was just the four of us, grandpa and nana, my brother, and nephew.  With just 6 pool players, the pool tournament would be pretty short this year.
Supper break with all the fixings again!  Parker is still averse to sitting in my parents dining room, so he ate at the kitchen table.  One of these years he will tell us why.
Back to some serious business.  I lost the very first game and would have to work my way through the losers bracket if I wanted a chance to win. Parker and Esme had fun wrestling while we played.
I managed to keep my cool and make it to the championship, but would have to beat my dad (the winningest player) TWICE.  He got in a pickle with the 8 ball early in the first game and pretty much forfeited by hitting it in before clearing his balls.  The second game was much more dramatic.  We play by "Nebraska Rules," which is really just Buxton/Bates rules that my dad grew up playing with.  One of these rules is using last pocket, instead of call, for the end of the game.  It was down to the 8 ball for both of us and my dad went for the gusto to win with a long bank shot.  I could barely believe it when the cue dropped in the opposite pocket. I won!  The 8 ball dropped in the correct pocket just after the scratch, but it didn't matter.
Even my dad said it isn't fun when the same person wins every year, but that may have been to make him feel better about losing (*wink,wink*).
After a restful night, we had bacon and cinnamon buns for breakfast.
We left shortly after eating since I had lots of prep ahead for Parker's birthday.

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