Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Football Cookies

You know those pre-made, ready to bake cookies you can buy?  We got some football ones a few weeks ago.  They were not great, but Esme has been asking about them very often ever since.  I decided to have some fun on Sunday night and try to make some better tasting football cookies from scratch.  I chose a chocolate sugar cookie recipe and we got to rolling.  This was the first time Esme and Parker have been interested in actually helping.  Both kids liked using the cookie cutter and Esme kept wanting to "roll again."
 Once they were baked, I made a simple icing of milk and powdered sugar to add the laces.
 They were super chocolatey, but not super sweet.  I think Esme might still prefer the store bought ones, but Parker and the rest of us enjoyed these!

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