Thursday, December 26, 2019

Christmas 2019

It's finally Christmas.  We spent Christmas Eve with Jimmy's family.  The kids were spoiled as usual and got so many great toys and clothes.
Esme got almost the whole Lion King clan from her cousin, Grace.  She was so excited about them and her Frozen 2 characters.
Parker's favorite gift was a new keyboard.  It has a much better sound than his cheap one and lots of pre-programmed songs. Jingle Bells is his favorite by far.
Grandma Cherry did an amazing job on their embroidered pillow cases.  I helped Esme draw a snowman and helped Parker with his washing machine.
We attended Christmas Eve service and Parker joined us.  He did a great job playing with his iPad and staying calm during the service.
We headed to my parents on Christmas morning and promptly got in the hot tub.
I made some Christmas tree cinnamon rolls for breakfast before opening presents.
Esme helped hand out presents to everyone.
Esme completed her Lion King collection with Nala and Jimmy got a new Nebraska shirt from my dad (that I made.)
We didn't stay too late since my dad was recovering from surgery, but it was a great little Christmas.

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