Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Holiday Crafts and Projects

My holiday crafting wasn't nearly as busy this year, but I did find a few things to keep me busy.  I tried my hand at glass etching for the first time by making Vikings wine glasses.  They turned out great and I am very excited to do it again.  I cut a vinyl stencil out with my silhouette, then applied etching cream for about 10 minutes.  It just washes off and you remove the stencil.  Easy application with big impact.
I paired a set of four glasses with some fancy folded dollars as a gift to my Secret Santa at work.  I lost my cheat sheet and couldn't remember what type of beer he wanted, so I made some cash look like beer glasses.
Esme had a gift exchange at daycare as well, so I made a fun shirt for her little buddy. Hold my juice box!
The last project was for us!  We've had a gold trimmed fireplace screen in our living room since we moved in.  There were also some birch logs in it that we just left for the last 2.5 years.  It was time for it to go, so I removed the screen and logs, cleaned and painted the inside and found some decorative candles for it.
I knew Home Goods would be the best place to find some decorative touches.  I normally pass right by that section, but I was quickly able to find some LED candles and candle stands that create some fun ambiance.

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