Sunday, August 14, 2016

Le Chateau de Buxtoronio

"Jimmy Weekend" has officially ended.  What is "Jimmy Weekend" you ask?  Jimmy originally planned to have a weekend home alone before Esme was born and Parker and I were going to go to my parents.  This got sped up a bit when it became clear she was coming early.  A couple months ago he mentioned still wanting to have a weekend to himself so we got something scheduled.  Jimmy dropped the kids off Friday morning and I headed to my parents' house after work.  We've joked for a long time about them having a bed and breakfast when we stay over and it has officially been named Le Chateau de Buxtoronio.  It's way over-priced, but the hospitality and cuisine can't be beat!  We spent Friday night switching between preseason football and the olympics.  Esme also got her first bath in a big tub.
 We got out on the boat for the first time this year.  Esme wasn't a fan of the life jacket at first, but the pacifier calmed her down.
We didn't get out on the boat last year and our one time on a pontoon didn't go well.  He did cry when we first got in, but calmed down on grandpa's knee.  He pretty much refused to be anywhere else while on the boat and practically leaped off when we were back on the beach.
 Esme went swimming too, but only for a few minutes because it was a little chilly for her.
 It wouldn't be a "vacation" without food pictures!  We had fresh corn on the cob, pasta salad and bacon cheeseburgers for dinner Saturday night.
Dessert was an adventure!  My mom got a new camp oven and decided to try it out by making brownies.  It took almost an hour for them to be cooked through, but that was also enough time to thoroughly burn the bottom.
We just filleted the burnt part off and made yummy brownie sundaes!
 Esme knocked out her first soak in the hot tub this morning.  They had already turned it down to 99 for the summer, so it wasn't too hot for her.
 This classy place sends you off in style with a ride around the property.  Overall, I give it 4 out of 5 stars, but only because I want them to strive for excellence and not slack off with a perfect rating.  Thanks for letting us hang out with you Grandpa and Nana!

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