Sunday, August 21, 2016

Another Birthday

Another birthday has come and gone for Jimmy and myself.  We originally planned to keep it very simple, but ended up doing a couple fun things.  Instead of a physical gift this year, I just asked Jimmy to watch the kids while I had a girl's night out.  We headed over to NOLA in Osseo for drinks and appetizers.  I had a Hurricane which was a combo of rums and fruit juices and the NOLA version of poutine.  You may remember how much I love poutine, so I just couldn't resist.  It was a bed of mashed potatoes, cheesy gravy, and andouille sausage.  I was so delicious and I will be back for it!
We weren't planning to go out for dinner on our birthday (Friday), but my mom called and asked if we wanted her to take the kids for a couple hours.  Of course we said yes, so we went to Red Robin to redeem our free birthday burgers.  We also indulged in the Towering Onion Rings (so tasty Jimmy couldn't take his eyes away.
We also got free sundaes, which we've never been given before.  We were planning to get some dessert at Cherry Berry, but free is even better!
There were also brownies when we got back to my parents to pick up the kids.  Esme didn't want to share any of her dessert!
Here are her weekly pictures from Thursday.  I updated her 4 month post to include the official measurements from Tuesday.  She is 25" long and weighs 15 lbs. 3 oz.  She went from 1.5 lbs smaller than Parker at birth to 1.5 lbs bigger at 4 months!  She's been doing a lot of laughing lately, especially at Parker.  I will share some sweet videos later this week.

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