Saturday, February 8, 2014

Winter Olympics Party

You may remember the awesome party we attended for the London Olympics.  We had another housewarming/opening ceremony party for the Sochi Olympics on Friday night!  There was another great buffet, but no costumes.

Kyle was enjoying his plate full of food that included: lefse, cream puffs, bacon-wrapped brats, Swedish meatballs, Czech pork roast, jerk chicken, pierogi, buffalo chicken dip and ice cream (originated in China apparently!)
German chocolate torch cupcakes and White Russian cupcakes (gotta represent the host country!)

I loved my torch cupcake!
 Ezra wasn't there, but Parker found all him books and had a great time reading them!
 Parker also loved playing on the castle in the basement.
 But had to share with Isaac.
 I guess this is "sharing."
The boys had so much playing, it had been way too long since they had a play date together.
I am really enjoying the Olympics coverage so far, but am also a little bummed I have to wait 2 1/2 years for the Rio games...What are your favorite events to watch?  I would try to pick one, but it is hard.  I pretty much love them all!

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